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What would life look like if you felt engaged, motivated, and knew exactly how to find joy even when times were tough? How would it feel to be confident in your personal and professional relationships and have the communication skills to back that up? What would be different in your life if you felt wiser, more knowledgeable, and were able to avoid unnecessary conflict?

Lisa Kaplin is a psychologist, certified professional life and executive coach, and a highly experienced corporate speaker. She helps people overcome stress and overwhelm in order to find joy in their personal life and success and meaning in their professional lives. Lisa meets many people who are frustrated, discouraged and feeling hopeless and she guides them to manage those emotions and walk into lives that they hadn’t thought possible.

Lisa’s extensive education and life experience have helped her to overcome so many old, useless, beliefs and patterns in order to find her own confidence, success, and happiness. Now she helps others do the same. Stepping into your fears and talking through your concerns is the first step in finding the happiness that often eludes so many of us. Lisa believes in the potential of all of us and loves helping others find that potential and more.

Corporate Clients

American Management Association
The Heartland Spa
Bank of America
Northern Trust
Hamilton Sunstrand


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