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I found myself overwhelmed by life’s moments which I felt I had little control over

Lisa gave me the strength to recognize there were many ways to cope with my stress. In doing so, I managed to use specific tools to help me make changes in my life that have now opened up a lifetime of happiness, stress free living, and enjoyment. Without Lisa, I wouldn’t be where I am today, living each and every moment to its fullest. I am truly grateful for the time I spent with her, and the positive impact it has made in my life. —Amy L.

Working with Lisa as my coach was one of the best decisions I ever made. With her help I was able to access much of my personal energy and intuition and apply it in a way that produced positive change after each session. I would recommend her without reservation to all who are ready to shift their personal and professional life into high gear. —Dr. Judy Williams

Lisa was AMAZING. So knowledgeable, caring, and engaged! She really knows her stuff and her delivery was relevant and relatable. LOVE her authenticity and her vulnerability.

Lisa was great. She kept the class entertained and the energy alive. She knew the information well and presented it in a way that I could relate. Lisa answered all my questions and gave me a lot of understanding of all the concepts.

Working with Lisa really helped me gain a new perspective on my life. She helped me discover so much about myself and helped me create the life I wanted. Her approach was effective and has had long lasting impact. I’m embarking on a new path and I couldn’t have gotten there without Lisa’s help!

Lisa [is] an incredible source of wisdom and support to me on my journey.

I sought Lisa’s guidance during a very transitional period in my life. At the time, I was recently divorced, heading back to work, learning to be a single parent, reentering the dating world and generally feeling overwhelmed and anxious. I found Lisa to be a reassuring, intelligent, witty and, above all, empowering coach. Lisa offered me an insightful and objective perspective on my situation. Lisa showed me tools and techniques to use during challenging times. Lisa enabled me to recognize my destructive inner voice and to change the damaging internal messages I was sending myself. Lisa helped me to visualize the life I desired, and to identify specific personal and professional goals that would allow me to start living that life. She guided me through the creation of achievable action plans and encouraged me to move forward. Lisa has been and continues to be an incredible source of wisdom and support to me on my journey. —N.K.

Lisa is a delight to listen to. She’s that rare combination of intelligence, fun, generosity, and wit. Her optimism is contagious, and her wisdom runs true and deep. —Deborah Siegel, PhD, Founder, Girl Meets Voice Inc.

Lisa is an instantly likeable, approachable, confident and knowledgable trainer. Her laugh and sense of humor are infectious and relatable. She is real. Her knowledge is solid and her anecdotes and examples went a long way to enhance the material she was teaching. Her professional accomplishments are impressive and it is clear that she ‘walks the talk’. She inspires me.

Lisa is a perfect combination of professionalism, energetic, confident, authentic, friendly, organized, knowledgable and fun. More than anyone I have ever met, she represents the joy and energy that comes from joining your passion with your career.

Lisa is an amazing trainer. She is patient, experienced and really owns the process of coaching. I left feeling a level of confidence and security in my ability to move the dial on my coaching business.

Lisa helped me during a period of my life that was filled with insurmountable problems.

Lisa was compassionate and patient but also truthful enough with me when I needed to look deeper. Lisa kept me accountable for my progress during a time in which I needed to take action to improve the quality of my life. I would never have been able to get from the lowest point of my life to the highest point in my life without Lisa’s help. I am enjoying the rewards and the benefits of the hard work that I did with Lisa each and every day and can not say enough about how lucky I have been to have Lisa in my life. —S.J.

My experience in Lisa’s group has made an impact on my life that I will be forever grateful for.

I thank my lucky stars that I was referred to Lisa for purposes of helping me gain the courage and strength to face my challenges associated with my separation/divorce.  I learned so much about myself.  From the questions Lisa would pose, and through the exercises we were asked to do.  I honestly had no idea how much I needed Lisa’s expertise.  I will carry the learnings throughout the rest of my life and feel that I have become so much stronger, more confident, and much better equipped to get the things in life that will make me happy.  The major bonus to being in the group was meeting five of the most amazing women.  We went from strangers to confidants in no time at all.  My experience in Lisa’s group has made an impact on my life that I will be forever grateful for.  —Sharyl

Lisa … helped me maintain perspective, feel supported

Divorce is a very difficult and complex process no matter which party began the proceedings. It is a minefield of emotions that fluctuate daily. Lisa Kaplin’s ‘Never get divorced again’ group helped me maintain perspective, feel supported and work through some concepts to prevent me from ever falling into this place again. At least I hope not to be. I looked forward to our sessions each week due to Lisa’s facilitation as well the group’s support. Our friends and families really don’t want to hear our stories on a daily basis and it is wonderful to be with people who understand where you are and why you are there.  —Elizabeth

I have been working with Lisa as a Corporate Trainer for 11 years. I have consistently received outstanding feedback about how she connects with the audience and presents the material in an interesting and dynamic fashion. —Dr. Mark Bakal Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach Clinical Psychologist

While in the room, I felt very comfortable and that I was as important as anyone else in the room. Lisa did great at making herself approachable and her confidence filled the room. She is an example of what coaching is all about.

Lisa is a delight to listen to. She’s that rare combination of intelligence, fun, generosity, and wit. Her optimism is contagious, and her wisdom runs true and deep. —Deborah Siegel, PhD, Founder, Girl Meets Voice Inc.

I thought that the instructor, Lisa Kaplin, had a very engaging style and kept everyone involved in the learning process. I would strongly advise anyone that is trying to improve their communication skills to take this training course.

She digs deep to help you discover how to live an empowered life.

Face it. Nobody is really comfortable with change. We’ve all been there –wanting to change things up, yet letting life go on in the same way, leaving us disconnected passionless. What kind of life is that, really? That’s where Lisa steps in with her unique coaching style. She digs deep to help you discover how to live an empowered life, a life where there are no limits. Her intelligence, experience, intuition and wonderful sense of humor work together in a magical way that will have you looking at your life and wondering ‘why did I wait so long!’

Coaching with Lisa has helped me to understand not only what I want from my life, relationships and career, but WHY I want it. I absolutely recommend Lisa for any woman seeking to feel more confident and empowered in her life! Questioning, using her intuitive and deep listening skills, she will challenge the thoughts that keep you from exploring outside of your comfort zone. With Lisa, you’ll feel confident about stepping out of your old, boring comfort zone so that you can step into the new and exciting life that you’ve dreamed of. —Denise Fountain, Confident Moms | Confident Kids

Lisa is an outstanding Professional Life Coach who is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and secure. She is very good at using the tools required to help an individual learn and grow. She is comfortable discussing any aspect of life that might be a block to further personal growth and satisfaction in one’s self-awareness. Lisa is one of few Life Coaches that can help you cut to the chase and help you move forward in a short period of time. Lisa was my coach for many months and I will use her again when the need arises. —Michael V

The class was great. Lisa did a great job with engaging everyone and making the long class time interesting and useful.—Participant in Communication Course

Lisa was the consummate professional for the training. She was knowledgeable, credible, and authentic with her students. It was a pleasure to learn from her!

I was hesitant to go to Lisa’s first ‘divorce group; only because I didn’t want to have another meeting to attend, and I can’t believe I almost didn’t go! This was nothing like a meeting, it was like a group of girlfriends, on a path with a wonderful guide. Lisa is a phenomenal coach, she taught me so many things about myself and life in 7 weeks that I keep imparting to my kids, friends, and family. It really changed me. She has such a comfortable, sincere way about coaching that I felt like a sponge, I wanted to soak up as much as I could. I am excited to take the tools that I learned from Lisa with me through the rest of life’s journey.” —Lori

I wish I had hundreds more like her throughout the country

Lisa has delivered many EAP trainings, for me, over the past 5 years, at major corporations and universities. The resulting evaluations from the attendees and HR contact people have been consistently outstanding. Most of the clients ask for her exclusively.

Lisa is my #1 go-to trainer. In regards to my personal business experiences with her, Lisa is always very courteous, personable and dedicated to getting the jobs done and I wish I had hundreds more like her throughout the country. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a top-notch speaker. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity —Robert Foetsch, Aetna

Dig deep into your default mode, release the Gremlins and change your story

 Lisa’s ‘Never Get Divorced Again’ group was a life changing experience. I went to this class not knowing what to expect. In the course of 7 weeks, I learned that I was not ‘stuck’ in my 27 year marriage for life, gained some self-respect and confidence and finally learned that I can be ‘happy in this life!’ Through Lisa’s positive, nurturing and firm, when necessary, process…I proceeded with a long overdue divorce, moved out and purchased a townhome (which I lovingly call my ‘house of Peace’), stood strong and persevered with confidence when I was faced with adversity and made lifelong friendships with the amazing group of 5 women in my class. Lisa’s approach will force you to dig deep into your default mode, release the Gremlins and change your story. This process can be life changing, if you allow Lisa’s gentle guidance aide you in deep reflection and allow yourself to be happy. I looked forward to meeting with my group each week. We affectionately refer to ourselves as ‘Lisa’s Ladies!’) I discovered that, even though each of our stories were different…we all had commonalities and could understand, relate and support each other freely, without judgment. I’m forever grateful to Lisa and my group of kind, caring and incredibly, strong women for helping me shape my life for a happier future.  —Cindy

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