What Lisa Has to Say About Leadership and Life Coaching

Leadership is truly a skill that one can hone and one that develops over time and with good, solid practice. Over the years Lisa has taught thousands of people during workshops, presentations and individual coaching. Her message is always one of empowerment, understanding (and overcoming) fears, embracing one’s vulnerability and harnessing these insights for good.

For most people developing a leadership style takes time and comes through experience, self-reflection and always with a clear understanding of one’s goals. Lisa works closely with clients as they develop their leadership skills. Clients emerge from coaching sessions with a strong sense of their leadership plan and what areas are opportunities for growth. In addition to these focused coaching experiences, Lisa offers larger group workshops designed to help teams or groups of people to develop their leadership skills.

One thrilling realization Lisa’s clients often have is that personal development is dynamic and with focus, practice, and empathetic guidance one can truly grow as a leader and as a person. Lisa takes great pleasure in guiding clients to these epiphanies and delights in seeing her clients find success in ways they originally did not think possible.

Get Out Of My Car!

Do you ever find yourself in the middle of your kid’s business, or your partner’s, or your co-worker’s? Are you over involved, telling them what to do and over attached to their outcomes? Well, I was mentioning this issue to a friend of mine and she told me that she...

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Sharing Our Misery

There were a few years in my adult life in which I was pretty miserable. Most of it was my own doing or due to my own lens of the world. But still, I was miserable. If you were friends with me at that time, you would have never known how miserable I was. I was all...

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